Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yet Another DSK Story

I'm quoted in this one, which focuses on Anne Sinclair. Not much new here, but plenty of attitude.

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Cincinna said...

  I found the article in NY about Anne Sinclair by Vanessa Grigoriadis to be offensive, snarky, and dangerously flirting  with anti-Semitic stereotypes. 
  Nothing original in the article, just a slipshod rehash of French sources like  interviews in Le Monde, Le Nouvel Observateur and the biography, "Madame DSK" a best seller in French. 
  The repeated emphasis on DSK and Sinclair's religion, and the writer's ridicule of them for being observant Jews was in a manner I found particularly offensive.  The photos of the couple, he looking like a mobster and she enveloped in a half million dollar sable coat were specifically designed to evoke anti-Semitic caricatures.
  I always admired Anne Sinclair and loved her show 7/7. I never believed the brilliance hype about DSK. 
  The current case in NY, and the various women who have come forward do make this newsworthy, but the treatment given by an uninformed NY Mag 
writer with an obvious bias against the couple having nothing to do with the criminal case at hand, is beyond the pale. Another reminder that the once innovative & bright NY Mag has morphed into just another piece of biased left wing trash.