Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Affair

François Pupponi, mayor of Sarcelles, has resigned from the inner circle of Martine Aubry's campaign after being investigated by the police judiciaire for subornation of perjury in a case involving a gang of Corsican criminals. And what did Pupponi do for Aubry? He was in charge of security.


Anonymous said...

A person close to Hollande said (cynically) that if the second round is Hollande/Aubry it'll be "le social libéralisme" v. "le grand banditisme". Which is like saying that between the mafia and politics they may not agree with, people won't have a choice. And thus Hollande wins hands down.
Of course, if it's Royal/Hollande or Montebourg/Hollande, the problem is very different.

Julien S said...

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