Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Audrey Pulvar

I was going to say something about Audrey Pulvar's new gig on On n'est pas couché. The show runs later on TV5Monde here in the US than in France, so I've just seen the episode in which she faces Martine Aubry. I gather that Ségolène Royal has been on since then. It does seem odd to me that Pulvar, who is Arnaud Montebourg's companion, is allowed to play this role. Not that I thought she was any better or worse than any other chroniqueuse would have been in that spot. It's just that the potential is there. And there was no disclosure of her special relationship to another candidate, in case any viewer was unaware of it. I guess in France it is just assumed that everyone is in the know about everything. In any case, it seems that Pulvar has commented on another blog, defending  herself against criticism of this sort.

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Anonymous said...

I usually watch Ruquier so I watched those programs. With Aubry, Pulvar was okay, although she managed to slightly derail Aubry. Overall a good job. But watch her with Royal, it was really weird. Bruno Roger-Petit (who is NOT a Royal supporter by any definition of the term) regretted that he'd defended Pulvar when she was sacked from Inter and iTélé because this performance had proved him wrong. In any case it was very odd. I hope you'll be able to watch the following programs.