Monday, September 12, 2011

Corruption Past, Present, and Future

So, Robert Bourgi has accused Chirac and Villepin of receiving suitcases full of cash from African potentates, and Chirac and Villepin have accused Bourgi of defamation. Bernard Girard speculates that a fratricidal war of corruption revelations may have broken out within the UMP. And that the recent revelations about Takkiedine, a Sarkozy financier, may have come from Qaddafi, making good on his threat to expose his corrupt financing of Sarkozy's campaign. Who knows? Bourgi's motivation is quite puzzling. We may never get to the bottom of it. But the clouds hanging over the right--with the Chirac trial under way, a decision in the Clearstream case expected on Wednesday, Mediapart's series on Takkiedine, and the lingering Woerth-Bettencourt affair--are thicker than the DSK cloud hanging over the PS.

Unfortunately, all of this scandalousness only reinforces the cry from the extremes: tous pourris. If French banks are now downgraded, as Moody's is threatening to do, and the euro crisis deepens, the atmosphere could quickly turn from threatening to calamitous.

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