Saturday, September 10, 2011

Help from China

The Chinese haven't said no but remain cautious:
China already has apparently poured tens of billions of dollars worth of foreign reserves into euro-denominated investments this year. But Chinese officials are still cautious about taking big risks with the country’s $3.2 trillion nest egg. When considered in the context of China’s 1.3 billion people, that nest egg is not necessarily an infinite treasure.

“China is a poor country with only $4,000 per capita income,” Yu Yongding, a Chinese top economist and former member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee said in an interview in China. “To talk and think about China to rescue countries with $40,000 per capita incomes is ridiculous.”

China is ready to help, Mr. Yu said, “but European countries first should show that they have a clear road map and convincing policies to preserve the euro and solve their problems as well as the political will to make necessary sacrifices.”

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