Friday, September 30, 2011

Juppé vs. Zemmour

Interesting passe d'armes:


Cincinna said...

Juppé is just as much of an Arabist as his mentor & predecessor, Jacques Iraq.
I hadn't seen Juppé in a few years, and when I met him again on a recent trip to France, I was amused to see how much he has physically morphed into the sosie of Chirac. More arrogance, but minus the charm.
With his eye on oil money, and a blind eye to the actual reality in the Middle East, Juppé doesn't want to understand that the "Printemps Arabe" was orchestrated and overtaken by the Muslim Brotherhood, with it's eye on establishing an Islamist State based on Sharia Law in Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, and Libya.

Julien S said...

Zemmour: a purulent symptom of a disease called french mainstream media. Sorry, not worth my time.