Thursday, September 1, 2011

Montebourg to DSK: Apologize!

Ah, have you no shame, Socialists? First they defended DSK--we know him, he never could have done such a thing, they said--and now they want his apology to "the Socialists, the people of the left." OK, it's only Montebourg, not the whole party. But really, this is shameless posturing--and Montebourg is only taking Aubry's distancing herself from DSK one step further.


tomdr2 said...

The strange title of the book is a reference to the case of Omar Raddad, a gardener accused of killing his employer in 1991. When the police found the body "Omar m'a tuer" had been written on the wall in blood. The case ended up with Raddad being pardoned by Chirac in 1996. But the reason the authors probably chose it is because it's in the public's mind as Roschdy Zem recently directed a film about the case with the title "Omar m'a tuer". For info on the case:
And the film:

Anonymous said...

Montebourg has been against Aubry for a while. He's the current "radical" within the PS (American meaning) since Hamon is on a leash due to his status as spokesperson. I don't think Montebourg ever said anything in defense of DSK (unlike Aubry) and based on his general anger at party politics under Aubry, I believe he'd be pretty dispirited/angry/upset at being put on the same team. (He's positively seething about the Guérini affair).
His general ideas can be found here:
A comparison of his ideas on education can be found here:
I found this pretty interesting: Aubry sticks to the PS "project" as if it were a platform, Royal has concrete/practical propositions, Hollande links education and the economy, Montebourg is ultra-radical by creating a K-8 system without any elective, and Valls focuses on financing not on missions.

bernard said...

Simpler. Montebourg's problem is he doesn't have J. Chirac anymore and, thus, has an increasingly hard time generating headlines.