Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The PS and the Economists

Mediapart investigates which economists are supporting and/or consulting with which candidates. Unsurprisingly, Hollande is surrounded by more economists than any other candidate (my colleague Philippe Aghion gets around: he is listed as backing Hollande while consulting with Royal). Aubry has essentially one prominent economist in her entourage: Daniel Cohen. Royal has, among others, Jacques Attali, which should disqualify her. Montebourg has an anti-globalization team. And Valls has--nobody.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should start to help Valls for the futur.

Anonymous said...

Hollande's platform is dispiriting for a candidate of the left. It reads like what Bayrou offered the last time around! The fact he's got a go-between for highlevel bankers and his PR guy is Jouyet who's quoted as having worked/working with Besson should worry people, shouldn't it?
If I read correctly, Royal's team "consult" with a lot of economists, most of them on the left of the left, which is why she's put in the same category as Montebourg. They're then invited to conferences she organizes. Attali is among a large number of guest speakers but apparently not representative based on the rest of the list (did she invite him out of friendship rather than ideological agreement?); in any case, I don't see why you should single him out - I see that the "brightest young economist" in France is the one quoted for her. He wrote a very interesting book which you posted about, _la société de défiance_ and should be the one highlighted.
Montebourg's platform seems the most different and inspiring, although I really like the idea of Yann Algan working with a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Love: "And Valls has -- nobody"

bernard said...

Attali is the guy who spotted her and Hollande decades ago for Mitterrand. It simply shows Royal hasn't forgotten.