Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Second Socialist Debate

I didn't see it. I welcome comments from anyone who did. Mediapart has what seems to be a good summary.


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My take:
- Aubry was less good this time. She kept saying "we" instead of "I", as if she were still Premier Secrétaire du PS. I don't remember specific idea she brought forth, except "we all agree" which Hollande interrupted to say "no we don't". She cut him down to size about his "generation contract", by pointing out very single union is against it and that'd she'd experimented with something similar and it'd failed.
- Royal was stylistically better, still easy to understand but with a clearer voice and more to the point. She wants a law similar to "licenciements économiques" for stock-related mass job cuts, a "Small Business Act", to restore teacher training, and to make the banks obey. They'd have to lend money to small businesses and these, in return, would have to take on interns or apprentices.
Style bonus: she wore a dash of color (red, of course) when all wore dark grey/blue tops. Therefore she stood out on screen.
She scored a second bonus because Montebourg and even Aubry said "Ségolène is right" several times.
- Hollande continues to disappoint. This time, he waited till all had spoken to hand out awards and congrats, which came off as #1 condescending (at one point he actually said sth akin to "Good job guys, I see you've got ideas..") and #2 gutless, refusing to take a stand. He made a mash of everything else they others had said and passed judgement. Manuel Valls called him on it and he was forced to participate instead of staying on the sideline and handing out penalties. His sole idea was the "generation contract" that Aubry gutted. He was also the only one who disagreed with Royal about "Military-backed, educational camp" for minors condemned to a jail sentence. He said that could be done if there was no judicial answer but if the youth was condemned by a judge, no choice, jailtime it is.
- Montebourg was excellent. He was especially forceful on morals and ethics, and addressed the Guérini issue head-on. Aubry didn't quite respond - she said she trusted the justice system. He also advocated for the State to be "generous" when giving out green cards to illegal immigrants.
- Valls was the most on the right. I doubt he stands a chance in the PS, however if there's a free spot for Ministre de l'Intérieur, I'm sure it's got his name on it.
- Baylet tried to sound serious, competent, and as good as all others. At times he looked flustered and often sounded funny. He wasn't very good but didn't do as badly as he could have.

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