Thursday, September 1, 2011

Selling Sarko

I've had a soft spot for Bruno Le Maire since reading his book, but being charged with writing a campaign platform for an unpopular president is a thankless job, and Le Maire is thus far showing none of the writerly flair he displayed in his memoir. The ex-Villepiniste is proposing a program of painless economic restructuring: all new spending will be financed by cuts in old spending. Where have we heard this before? France will have an inudustrial policy because, well--La France veut-elle rester une terre de production, garder ses usines, son agriculture ? La réponse est oui, trois fois oui ! -- but of course this will be based on small businesses "adossées aux grands groupes." I really love that choice of words: adossé, as if the "grands groupes" will just be standing by watching the backs of those mom & pop firms that are going to constitute France's new industrial infrastructure. And Le Maire has an equally winning way of announcing a cut in unemployment benefits:
M. Le Maire dit s'interroger notamment sur la capacité de la France à "garder un dispositif d'indemnisation chômage parmi les plus généreux au monde".
 And there are more glittering generalities in the same vein.

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