Thursday, September 1, 2011

Setting Things Straight

Certain deputies of La Droite populaire have their knickers in a twist about the use of the word "genre" in certain textbooks. They see an attempt to foist upon France's schoolchildren a trumpery born in the United States, called "gender studies," which in their view leads to the subversive notion that sexual orientation is freely chosen rather than biologically determined. In any event, they don't like it. The pejorative phrase "homosexual agenda" does not exist in French, as far as I know, but if it did, these deputies would no doubt see gender studies as a part of it. Éric Fassin sets them straight.


Anonymous said...

It's even worse - they say that deBeauvoir's '49 statement is philosophy and is fine being discussed in Terminale philosophy class; but the idea that gender exists as a cultural construction rather than as "what everyone can see: differences in the body that change what a person does" - e.g., a man can't nurse a child - is just a hypothesis, a theory that has nothing to do with science. So it goes beyond the idea that sexuality can be chosen (or is inborn) but to the idea that men and women are destined to be and do specific, separate things that are indicated by their organs. Pujadas on F2 seemed to think it made a lot of sense. And don't ask David Douillet what he thinks.

Anonymous said...

BTW, as far as I can tell, only juniors who "premajor" in the liberal arts would be subjected to this "theory". Can 17 year olds really suffer from being taught in Human Biology that sex and gender are two different things?