Sunday, October 23, 2011

Anne Sinclair to Head French HuffPo?

Anne Sinclair has reportedly been sounded out about heading the forthcoming French HuffPo, Meanwhile, the plot thickens around hubby DSK's latest purported misadventures with ladies of the night, corrupt cops, and a Belgian underworld figure known as Dodo la Saumure. Go figure.


the fly in the web said...

So not as a hands on editor...but 'patronne'...another sinecure handed out on the business gravy train...and I suppose the only mention of Dominique Strauss-Kahn permitted in the Paris Huffington will be if he is being lauded to the skies...

I don't think my blog about the latest revelations about his activities would make the HuffPo somehow.

Anonymous said...

I think the French should organize some kind of fund to thank Nafissatou Diallo. Without her, they'd be dealing with this scandal targetting the PS presidential candidate.

As for Anne Sinclair heading the HuffPo? SERIOUSLY? Do they want the HuffPo-France to be known as an upper-class liberal website rather than a website for all people on the left?

Cincinna said...

@ Anonymous
     Thank you for stating the obvious about DSK. France dodged a bullet thanks to Nafissatou Diallo & Trustane Banon and many others yet to be named. 
    Why anyone is surprised by these latest revelations is beyond me. A married man in public life who participates in partouzes in Paris swingers clubs, and anonymous encounters in the Bois de Boulogne is a man who is a bottom feeder, and irrational thrill seeker and  risk taker. The ideal candidate for blackmail. 
      As to Huffington Post, Arianna Stassinopoulis, the ultimate social climber, guided by her ever-present spiritual advisor John-Roger (no last name) is the epitome of greed and opportunism. Before Arianna became la gauche caviar, she was conservative caviar. She and Anne Sinclair were made for each other. They share political opportunism, and terrible choices in husbands. Arianna married Republican Texas oil billionaire Michael Huffington, knowing he was a homosexuel, and tried to make him a US Senator.