Monday, October 24, 2011

Dati Attacks Fillon

Rachida Dati had been relatively quiet since her exit from the government, but the news that François Fillon is preparing to run for mayor of Paris, a post that Dati, now mayor of the 7th Arrdt., covets for herself, has goaded her into attacking him. Things have gotten so bad that Philippe Goujon, mayor of the 15th, wonders "whether Dati still belongs to the majority."

Good. We need a little diversion to liven things up in the capital. And of course to add spice to this cat fight, we have J.-F. Copé as mediator, which should be interesting since Copé and Fillon are likely rivals for the UMP presidential nomination in 2017. A very tricky political game will thus be played out on the streets of Paris, to be watched closely over the next weeks and months.

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