Monday, October 17, 2011


Tristane Banon's lawyer has advised her to abandon any further legal action against DSK. Just as it seemed that the French side of the DSK affair might be ending, new allegations arose. Of course France has been through this before with l'Affaire Alègre, in which a prostitute leveled (false) charges against a political figure (Dominique Baudis). The new allegations against DSK may well be false too, but the story has spread beyond the tabloids, with new information about Jean-Christophe Lagarde's alleged visit to DSK in Washington on the day before the Sofitel affair. Lagarde has also been accused of involvement in a Paris orgy featuring a "political figure." DSK has asked to be heard by the investigators in Lille.

In any case, the former IMF head is sporting a fresh growth of white beard. He looks pretty good for a guy who's being hounded from pillar to post.

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Cincinna said...

  The article from The Daily Mail and the respected French paper JDD: 
"Police Chief Organised Orgy for Strauss-Kahn and flew over to New York with prostitutes for him" shows that
France really dodged a bullet when Nafissatou Diallo & Tristane Banon & other women spoke out, and stopped his run for the Élysée. 

 DSK has been getting away with this deviant, degenerate behavior for years. The reporting just shines a light on the moral bankruptcy and corruption of the Socialist Party,  who knew about DSK all along, covered up for him, and supported him for the nomination for President of France.