Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Results: Montebourg as Spoiler

  1. Hollande 37%
  2. Aubry 28%
  3. Montebourg 20%
  4. Royal 8%
  5. Valls 6%
  6. Baylet 1%
The big surprise: 20%. Note that Montebourg + Royal + Aubry adds up to 56, vs. Hollande + Valls at 43. So this is not a done deal. A stunning performance by Montebourg, if these figures hold up.


thisnameisinuse said...

I thought this article, about who has been 'winning' on Google, was interesting :

Ainsi selon Google Insights et sur les 28 derniers jours, soit du 10 septembre au 7 octobre 2011, le résultat des primaires PS serait le suivant :

1er – Martine Aubry
2ème – François Hollande
3ème – Arnaud Montebourg
4ème - Manuel Valls
5ème – Ségolène Royal
6ème – Jean-Michel Baylet

Stephen said...

I worked a bureau de vote all day in the 20th arrondiseement of Paris. There was a line out of the door most of the day. The participation rate was 17-18%. Montebourg's results were a huge surprise for everyone during the dépouillement, he was a little over 20% and I was shocked to see on BFMTV that nation wide he was equally strong. As a Hollande supporter, even with his victory, it's very hard to be optimistic tonight, but as a Socialist I am absolutely thrilled by how well the primaries have gone, I was expecting along the lines of one million nation wide.

randcoop said...

A thrilling result. Monteboourg was the only candidate willing to take the right approach...protect France and its unemployed instead of the markets and the banks.

The hope now must be that Aubrey will not only win, but that she will take to heart the will of the people who shift their votes from Montebourg to her in order to prevent Hollande from once again taking the SP down the road of centrist capitulation to the financial powers.