Monday, October 10, 2011

A French Huffington Post

Le Monde and the Huffington Post will join forces to create a French version of HuffPo.


Kirk said...

As they say where I come from, oy vey...

Cincinna said...

Huffington Post was sold to AOL with Arianna, as always, raking in an enormous profit off the sale price of $315,000,000.
Will the joint venture continue to allow Huffpo's policies permitting profanity (almost every other post uses four letter words) and it's policy of permitting posts containing outright anti-Semitism? For reference, check every topic concerning Jewish members of the Senate and House, and every topic reporting on Congressional support for Israel.
Arianna is a very savvy woman, and got out just as her site was tanking financially. With Arianna, everything has
always been about the money.
I'm surprised that a real newspaper with a worldwide reputation would involve itself with such partisan trash.