Sunday, October 16, 2011

High Turnout

At midday, turnout in round 2 of the Socialist primary was higher than in round 1. What does this portend? Who knows? It could mean than anti-Hollande voters have been roused from their slumbers, or it could mean that the "people of the left" want this second round to bestow a ringing endorsement on their standard bearer. Rather than speculate, I'll wait a few more hours for the final tally.


Robert said...

ITele is quoting Aubry campaign staff as saying there were more younger voters this time around, something said staff take (again, dixit ITele) as a favorable sign for Aubry. Then again, the very partial tally we have so far (almost 8PM, Paris) shows Hollande leading just about everywhere.

Robert said...

A little after 8:20, Paris time. Looks like the Aubry crowd is privately conceding, according to ITele.