Friday, October 14, 2011

Montebourg Backs Hollande

Martine Aubry must have a unique gift for pissing people off. Arnaud Montebourg, who had positioned himself well to the party's left in the primary debates, has now announced that he will vote for Hollande, who had placed himself at the opposite end of the spectrum. And Royal, Hollande's ex-companion, also preferred him to her ex-rival for the party leadership. And that, as they say, should be the ball game, unless of course the rank-and-file decide that their leaders are bafflingly inconsistent and upset the applecart.


Kirk said...

I know one shouldn't judge politicians by the way they speak, but each time I listen to Aubry, I'm reminded of all the schoolteachers I didn't like when I was young. Her way of speaking grates, she's arrogant and forceful, and she always sounds like she's giving lessons.

To be fair, I have a lot of reservations about Hollande as well, and were I to vote, I would choose him, but with regret.

But Aubry just sounds so obnoxious when she speaks...

Cincinna said...

I'm not surprised by Montebourg's pick. He and Aubry haven't spoken in two years, and there is tremendous personal animosity between the two.
Aubry's schoolmarm finger pointing turns a lot of people off. Hollande comes off as much more likable and approachable.
Will it be personality or policy?