Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Montebourg Moment

Bruno Roger-Petit compares Arnaud Montebourg's week-long star turn to François Bayrou's two weeks of glory between rounds of the 2007 presidential election. And where is Bayrou now, runs the unspoken refrain? Indeed, Montebourg may be overplaying his hand. He seemed just a bit smug on France2 last night. But then again, what can he do? He took a position sharply different from both of the frontrunners and did better than expected. So it would be unseemly if he suddenly pivoted to support one of them. He has to play out his hand, and even he has no idea whether people voted for him because they are "démondialistes" or because they'd rather have anyone but Aubry or Hollande as their candidate. He represents a new generation, as Ségolène did in 2006. He's good-looking. He speaks well. And he has sounded a different note. So he has 17% of 2.5 million votes and for the next few days will be sitting pretty. After that, the moving finger will have moved on.

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