Sunday, October 2, 2011

No Fire in Borloo's Belly

It might seem an ideal moment for a centrist to make a run for the presidency, but Borloo isn't going to do it:

Jean-Louis Borloo renonce à se présenter à l'élection présidentielle

Interrogé sur le plateau du 20 heures de TF1, le président du Parti radical, qui avait laissé planer le doute sur une éventuelle candidature, a annoncé qu'il ne se présenterait finalement pas en 2012. (AFP)

Will someone else try? Bayrou, for sure. Morin? Villepin? Qui?


Anonymous said...

Belly fire or no, what was the deal with the Elysée? That is the question.


Gero von Randow said...

And what about Paillé?

Arthur Goldhammer said...

If we count Paillé, then we have to look at Arthuis!

Anonymous said...

Either there was a deal with l'Elysée... or there was a deal with DeVillepin and Bayrou. These three together could prove more lethal to Sarkozy than each one of them separately.. and may even create a force to reckon with, if the moderate right joins them (alienated by Sarkozy's "Grenoble" rhetorics and infectual lead in recent elections).
Of course, if there was some kind of "republican" coalition with these three, Hollande would be in trouble since he's courting some of the same voters.

the fly in the web said...

As someone who lived in his circonscription the fate of Paille interests it does all the local chroniclers...dumped Chirac for Sarkozy, dumped Sarkozy for Borloo, what next for our intrepid job seeker?

Anonymous said...

Hollande's got a campaign poster:

This elicited three comments so far
"he's the president already"
" the soft PS in all its splendor"
"they should have pushed the text down a bit, his head won't have any space for growth."

bernard said...

Of course, Borloo remained on his (well deserved?) sabbatical. My guess, there will only be Bayrou, as this is his only choice if he doesn't want to face oblivion.

Sarkozy is too dangerous for the others to dare (I wouldn't call any of them "daring", you know), except for Villepin who wants revenge, but who will find it very difficult to gather 500 signatures and will likely experience campaign finance drought and be forced to renounce.

So, yeah, the conservatives will be united behind Sarkozy, he's the only game in town. And the so-called "gauche de la gauche" (or is it the useful idiots?) and other present or former assorted Trotskists had better keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Bayrou announced his candidacy tonight.

Morin saw he could win something out of it and said he was considering running. He's the only one taking the statement seriously though.

Pécresse, Lefebvre and Ciotti all congratulated Borloo (for the unaware, those represent 3 UMP branches). Is a deal in the making?

Lol-question: do you still think having Attali's support kills a candidate's credibility?

I see major Hollande/Bayrou overlap.