Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Presumed Innocent

Bernard Squarcini, the head of French domestic intelligence, has been mis en examen but remains on the job. Claude Guéant exhorts his compatriots to remember the "presumption of innocence." Ah, yes, the presumption of innocence: so presumably Guéant would see no objection to nominating DSK prime minister, since he, too, has been convicted of nothing. Still, one imagines that even M. Guéant must feel just slightly uncomfortable at the thought that one of France's top cops now stands formally accused of a crime. Why not place him on administrative leave? Perhaps because in spying on Le Monde in connection with leaks in the Woerth-Bettencourt affair, he was acting on orders of ... Claude Guéant. Firing a subordinate for carrying out one's own orders would certainly entail a presumption of impudence. So Squarcini remains in his post ... for now.

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JF said...

"Firing a subordinate for carrying out one's own orders..."

As we say in French (sorry, I have no proper English translation in mind, please feel free...):

"C'est vous le fusible ? Eh bien, vous sautez, mon vieux !"