Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Royal Endorses Hollande

Primaire socialiste : Royal soutient Hollande pour le second tour

Ségolène Royal, éliminée à l'issue du premier tour de la primaire socialiste avec moins de 7 % des voix, a annoncé mercredi qu'elle soutenait au second tour François Hollande, notamment pour "amplifier" l'avance qu'il a prise dimanche dernier sur ses rivaux. (AFP)

Interesting. Very interesting.

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Cincinna said...

I don't find this that surprising. I did, however, find the idea of them running against each other quite unseemly.
Ségolène Royal is more ideologically in tune with Hollande than Aubry. I think she understands that France is still a center right country, and the far left might have a chance in the short run, but would lose long term and destroy the PS.
She should be congratulated for looking past her own personal reasons, and looking towards the good of her country and her party.