Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sarko's Silence

Jean Quatremer takes note of François Bayrou's critique of Nicolas Sarkozy's silence regarding the euro crisis. Indeed, there has been a marked change in Sarkozy's style since the beginning of his presidency. He used to take to the airwaves on the slightest pretext: un fait divers, a grand project to be announced and then forgotten, an outing with his girl to Disneyland. But lately he's been an absent presence. Bayrou thinks he needs to become a pedagogue, to explain what's being done about the euro crisis to citizens suffering from the EU's democratic deficit.

The euro crisis is not easy to explain, however, to the average citizen: I know, I've tried. And given the tense relations between France and Germany on the question, the president is probably well-advised to avoid simplifications that would either irritate the Germans or alarm the markets or both. When a deal is finally in place, there will be time for explanations. For the impatient, there is no shortage of discussion in the financial press, economics blogs, etc.

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