Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baroin Brings Down the House

François Baroin caused a near-riot in the Assemblée Nationale today by accusing the Socialists of having come to power par effraction in 1997. Surely, as a protégé of Jacques Chirac, Baroin can't have forgotten that in fact the Socialists came to power because of Chirac's foolish hubris in thinking he could win an election after having been repudiated massively in the streets in 1995.

If this is an indication of the level of the campaign ahead, we are in for a long six months. (h/t KJS)

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Anonymous said...

Baroin is just a political hack whose meteoric rise is attributable to his "godfather" Chirac and his father who was a key player in the Freemason networks and met an untimely and still somewhat mysterious death in Africa. Baroin was named Minister of the Economy and Finance in the last cabinet reshuffle after he threw a "hussy fit". In any case, the real power behind the throne is the newly-appointed General Secretary at Elysée, Xavier Mosca. A pure Science Po and ENA product, he started his ascension in the 1990s through the Balladur networks. He is Sarkozy's "Corsican connection" having met Sarko through the president's first wife, also Corsican. Baroin does not have the credentials for his office as before Chirac juiced his career he was only a "petit journaliste" in the provinces. He has changed his look to give him more gravitas: his nickname in French political and media circles used to be Harry Potter. His recent statement about the Socialists coming to power in 1997 by extra-legal means can only be described as "sound and fury signifying nothing."