Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DSK Gives His Version

What you've all been waiting for: DSK's side of the story. His 
biographer, Michel Taubmann, cites "extremely confidential 
information," but you will have no difficulty identifying the source of this 
account, which, exceptionally, I will translate: 
"She headed toward the door but seemed to be in no hurry. She looked
him straight in the eye. Then she unabashedly stared at his organ. The
flesh is weak. DSK interpreted this as a proposition. The situation
amused him. He did not resist the temptation of fellatio. The act was
rapid, very rapid. But it is contrary to the laws of physics that
without a weapon he could have forced his 'victim' to kneel." Later,
we are told, he passed her in the hall, and she waved to him and said
Not in this account, but on France2 TV tonight, we learn that the same
"source" told Taubmann that, yes, DSK did participate in orgies at the
Lille Carlton but never paid for sex and did not know that the women
were prostitutes. "He saw friends there, who introduced their
girlfriends. When a friend introduces a woman as his girlfriend, you
don't ask whether she is a prostitute." 
Perhaps, but you don't necessarily have sex with her either.
Nevertheless, the former IMF director has allegedly indicated that "he
is done with all that." 
C'est tout. 


Mitch Guthman said...

I have to say that whoever it is that’s helping DSK with his public statements isn’t really helping him. His story about the events in New York reads like the “plot” of a cheesy 1970’s porn film. If I understand this correctly, this elderly, rather paunchy man finds himself naked in front of the hotel maid who has come to clean his room. Diallo takes one look at his male sex organ and is so impressed by its magnificence that she immediately offers to orally copulate him gratuitement or perhaps en cadeau, so to speak. Not to kick a man when he’s down, but if he can’t come up with a better story than that he should just keep his mouth shut.

As for the Hotel Carlton affair, I’ve been working my way through the story on DSK in the November 16th issue of L’Express (international Ed.) and it seems to be a pretty thoroughgoing account of this affair. Now, based on what I’ve read and taking DSK’s explanation from this website and also from the article on the Le Mode site that referred to what I think was material from the same source, it wouldn’t surprise me if DSK didn’t pay for his escapades with what I take to be some very expensive prostitutes (and some probably not so expensive) who strike me from the photos published elsewhere as very obviously being on the game. But actually, I find this far more troubling than if he had paid.

Two questions:

1. Without spending too many electrons recapping the affair, the article in L’Express makes it very clear that this was a large pimping ring with some very high priced talent (and, as I say, some talent who are less expensive and more obviously working girls. In fairness we don't know which ones serviced DSK). Now, the girls cost money. And the pimps---who struck me as very hard cases---always want money. So somebody paid even if DSK himself got all this sex for free. But, if DSK didn’t pay for his fun then somebody else did. Who paid? Why did they pay and what might they have expected to get back from DSK in return? Was DSK the only important political figure being provided with prostitutes? Any government officials, judges or police (apart from the ones apparently working part time as pimps)? The article in L’Express has some names but being mindful of Arthur’s previously expressed concerns about libel problems, I will simply refer everyone to the article.

2. DSK says that he had no idea that the many women having sex with him were prostitutes. He claims to have believed them to be either libertine women who frequented sex clubs and flew to Washington just to have sex with him or to be the “girlfriends” of his friends. Not to be crude, but L’Express and L’Point have published pictures of quite a few of the players in this affairs. None of these men looks like he is earning a living modeling in cologne ads in GQ. Where did DSK think they were getting all these semi-hot young women? Really, if he didn’t know then he’s too stupid to be president. But if he did know, didn’t he ever wonder whether his “friends” who were sharing their working girls with him might someday present him with a bill? The prospect of that is very, very troubling.

Cincinna said...

Just what we need as Europe and the Euro are on the verge of collapse, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and now Morocco have installed Islamist governments, and America is going to hell in a handbasket: another DSK story!

This one is actually so ridiculous it's funny.
"Then she unabashedly stared at his organ. The
flesh is weak. DSK interpreted this as a proposition. The situation
amused him. He did not resist the temptation"

Art's translation of the article is excellent. DSK, however, needs a better interpreter.
The guy is a total degenerate. It just gets worse with every detail that comes out.

Louis said...

France Info dealt with that yesterday evening, and one quote particularly struck me. Regarding the "parties fines" in the Carlton, DSK emphasized the fact that he has a very "free" sexual life, and that "this kind of festive occasions are something very common in the French political and business world"...

Tasty... Can you spell "cut from reality"?

Anonymous said...

it might be very common in DSK's circles for all we know.

But whoever advises him should have told him to keep his mouth shut. Only salacious old men would think this story sounds good. Or, perhaps, 13-year old boys who haven't kissed girls yet and don't know what DSK looks like.

I'm with Mitch on that one: the fact he DIDN'T pay is even more troubling because nothing comes free, even if no money changes hands.

Anonymous said...

Including a link to an interesting piece from the LOndon Review of Books that adds some interesting information and angles that I have not seen elsewhere.

Robert said...

@Mitch: It's not cheesy porn, it's much worse. The DSK saga has been getting downright comical since the Carlton business; the string of characters with names like Dodo la Saumure; and prostitutes -- women who are PAID to do that sh*te, for goodness' sake! -- complaining that DSK is "lourd."

I mean, seriously: There's more slapstick in this story than in Les Visiteurs. So who to play DSK in the movie: Depardieu or Dany Boon?

real estate said...

Whoever is helping him......
And the DSK clan is no longer helping Taubmann.

Try the following, it is hilarious.

"Le coup de grâce vient d’une spécialiste de la communication et deuxième épouse de DSK, Brigitte Guillemette. «Dans son autobiographie de DSK, tout ce qu’écrit Taubmann sur moi est faux, raconte-t-elle. Selonlui, mon père serait militaire. Il est diplomate. Il se trompe sur le nom de ma société de communication… et écrit donc qu’elle a été rachetée par Mattel. Il s’agissait en fait d’une société qui fabriquait des poupées ! Evidemment, il ne m’a pas appelée pour ses écrits.» Réponse de l’intéressé : «Je l’ai appelée, je l’ai rappelée, mais, au final, on n’a jamais pu se parler.»"