Saturday, November 26, 2011

DSK meets JFK

Edward Jay Epstein, a Warren Commission skeptic, applies his talents to the DSK Affair.


MCG said...

Epstein's minute-by-minute report is riveting if inconclusive.

His reporting is alas not meticulous. He has DSK calling the Sofitel from his taxi at 3:29, reporting that he had left his phone behind. Thirteen minutes later, that is, at 3:42pm, DSK told a hotel employee--and Detective John Mongiello--that he was at JFK Airport and his flight was scheduled for 4:26pm. "So the police rushed to the airport," reports Epstein, and at 4:45pm "police called DSK off the plane and took him into custody."

Epstein pastes over the difficulty of rushing from Manhattan to JFK in the middle of the day. He may perhaps not have read the police transcript of DSK's arrest. In fact, the police who removed DSK from the Air France jet were Port Authority police, i.e., airport police, not New York City police. They subsequently handed DSK over to the New York City police, who arrived afterwards.

Cincinna said...

  Epstein is known for his minute by minute "analysis" to create pseudo evidence for his cockamamie conspiracy theories. 
  He wasn't there, has no access to NYPD records, Port Authority Police records, Grand Jury testimony, etc. He never mentions the clear pattern of behavior demonstrated by DSK over a period of many years with many different women, not to mention the sex parties and orgies he organized all over the world, including in NY. Text messages exist confirming this: DSK used IMF phones to organize orgies with underage girls. 

  The fact that the French Head of State was kept apprised of this should surprise no one. It could have led to a major diplomatic incident, and embarrassment for France. 

  DSK is a serial sexual predator and degenerate, whose party, the Socialist Party, knew about, protected and
covered for him over many years 

  Hoist by  his own pétard!

Mitch Guthman said...

@ MCG,

This is an extremely minor inaccuracy. I don’t see how it affects anything in the timeline either way. Epstein does provide some additional details which are suggestive, most importantly he says that there was still a guest in suite 2820, the one Nafissatou Diallo went in and out of several times (and then lied about doing so). The suggestion being that her purpose in entering suite 2820 was to speak with the occupant, with the further implication that it was he or she that was orchestrating the plot against DSK.

Specifically, we must ask whether the person in suite 2820 (perhaps aided by hotel security and their access to personnel files/gossip about employees) recruited Diallo. This would account for all of the physical evidence and the logical problems with her story.

According to Epstein, Sofitel did not tell the police on the day either that suite 2820 had been occupied or that Diallo had been in that room at relevant times. Consequently, the room was not treated as part of the crime scene and the implication is that valuable physical evidence may have been lost. DSK’s lawyers and investigators were never able to learn the identity of the tenant in suite 2820 and, apparently, by the time the issue came to the attention of the NYPD and the DA’s office, they had already decided to drop the case and just wanted the whole thing to go away.

There are several other points made about the relationship between the hotel’s security people and the UMP. One such point has been raised here previously: The speed with which the news travelled to Paris and was posted on a website aligned with the UMP. In my mind, I link these and other details from the Epstein article with the significant number of published reports alleging that Sarkozy and the UMP have spent years placing political operatives in key positions in law enforcement and business. I also have in mind the illegal, politically motivated surveillance of Le Monde, the burglaries at Rue 89, the actions against Mediapart and what I believe were attacks by law enforcement on journalists at the behest of the UMP as described in Le Canard enchaîné. True, the evidence is entirely circumstantial but the finger of suspicion points directly at Sarkozy. There cannot be many countries claiming to be democracies in which a director of the national police (and close ally of President Sarkozy) feels compelled to proclaim: “Je ne suis pas le chef des barbouzes”.


Mitch Guthman said...

@ Cincinna,

First, I don’t believe there are any text messages to or from DSK regarding underage girls. I’ve read the ones that have been published in Le Point and Le Monde and they do not mention underage girls. I have followed this affair closely and I have never heard anything about underage girls. While it has been alleged that the pimping ring operating out of the Hotel Carton in Lyon supplied underage girls to some of its customers, there is absolutely no evidence or even a hint that such girls were ever procured for DSK. None whatsoever. That fact needs to be made perfectly clear.

Second, I don’t understand why you think Epstein should have included details of DSK’s participation in sexual relationships outside of his marriage, sex parties or orgies. DSK’s sexual appetites and his many failings as a human being have been on the front page of every newspaper and magazine in France for months on end. Is it really necessary to ritualistically rehash them in any article about any aspect of the case? How is this relevant to unraveling the mysteries of that day? Particularly considering that DSK has apparently acknowledged that some kind of sexual encounter took place (he says it was consensual, she says not, and my best guess is that she’s on the game---probably as a part-timer or semi-pro or possibly as an operative of a political conspiracy. The last is barely a remote possibility but one which must now be considered in light of this new information).

I would say that DSK’s extensive extramarital sexual activities must be acknowledged in some sense because they are what would have made him vulnerable to being “set-up” by someone like Diallo (either on her own behalf or as an operative of the UMP), if that is indeed what happened. But these appetites of his tell us nothing about whether on that day DSK was a rapist or the victim of an attempted shakedown or the victim of a political conspiracy orchestrated by the president of France.

Before the publication of the Epstein article, my conclusion was that DSK probably had some kind of arrangement to be sexually serviced that morning by Diallo and was probably the victim of an impromptu “badger game” run quite ineptly by her. I had dismissed as totally absurd the idea of a political conspiracy. But now I feel that this conclusion needs to be looked at again. Some of the details in the Epstein article are extremely suggestive and it is no longer possible to simply dismiss the idea of a political conspiracy out of hand.

Finally, I agree that there is nothing particularly nefarious about the Élysée Palace being informed about about a possibly embarrassing incident involving such a highly prominent French citizen. Nobody disputes this. But in light of the Epstein article, once must ask how it was that the news of DSK’s troubles travelled so quickly and so directly to the headquarters of the UMP.

One must also wonder, in light of this new information, whether the Élysée Palace was merely being apprised of a diplomatically embarrassing situation or was, in fact, being updated on the results of an operation they’d planned against a political rival. And that really is the question raised by the Epstein article. Given the events of the past several years in France as detailed in Le Canard enchaîné, Mediapart, Le Monde and elsewhere, is it really beyond the pale to wonder whether Sarkozy turned loose the barbouzes on the man who appeared certain to defeat him in the next election?

Steven Rendall said...

See the UMP's denunciations of Epstein's account as "un fantasme":

Mitch Guthman said...


I wish to correct my earlier comment about the DSK affair. It is the Carlton Hotel in the city of Lille (and not Lyon) which is said to be the base of the pimping ring. My apologies to the Hôtel Carlton Lyon and also to the police force of that city.

I had been reading an article about Paul Bocuse and I typed "Lyon" in place of "Lille" by mistake. I am very sorry for having done this.

Again, it is the Carlton Hotel and some police officers in the city of Lille who are alleged to have some connections with the DSK affair.