Thursday, November 24, 2011

Du rififi chez les Verts, encore

The Greens see red:
"C'est cela, la leçon de cet épisode peu glorieux : il faut entourer Eva, ne pas lalaisser seule dans les situations difficiles." L'onctuosité des propos tenus hier par le député Vert Noël Mamère (Gironde) ne doit pas faire illusion.
Si les dirigeants d'Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EE-LV), réunis mercredi 23 novembre après-midi en bureau extraordinaire, pour évoquer sans le dire le "cas Joly", se sont séparés dans une ambiance "apaisée", le "recadrage" de la candidate écologiste est en cours.

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Anonymous said...

I rather like Eva Joly.
I don't see why saying she won't say who to vote for in the 2nd round of an election 6 months away is wrong - if she said she'd advise voting for Hollande, she's admit she shouldn't be a candidate since she's got no chance of winning.
As for nuclear issues, whether you agree or not with nuclear energy policies, the Verts have always been in favor of phasing it out. Her statement is consistent with "ecolo" ideology.
And Flamantville has concrete around the future nuclear reactor that is full of holes, as per the Agence pour l'énergie something. Areva had 6 months to fix the problem; they didn't and the agency's report was made public. That doesn't really push me in favor of the Flamantville plant.
I hated Mamère's patronizing comment. I also see it as sexist, in that he'd never have made such a statement about a male candidate.
Is it possible Hulot's supporters are still battling it out and trying to undermine Joly?