Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Has the PS Lost the Working Class?

A recent poll has both Le Pen and Sarkozy beating Hollande among working class voters:

Avec 20 % d'intentions de vote auprès des ouvriers, il n'arriverait qu'en troisième position au premier tour, loin derrière Marine Le Pen (43 %) et même, pour la première fois, derrière Nicolas Sarkozy (22 %). Preuve que la question est prise au sérieux : un séminaire de travail est prévu, jeudi 1er décembre, entre M. Hollande et les auteurs de Plaidoyer pour une gauche populaire (Le Bord de l'eau), un ouvrage paru le 22 novembre dans lequel des sociologues et des politologues expliquent que "la capacité à renouer avec les couches populaires"est, pour la gauche, "la clé de son succès pour 2012".


Mitch Guthman said...

I think the answer is yes. The PS doesn't care about the working class. They take their support for granted on the assumption (now proven false) that such people have no place else to go. The people who dominate the party today are all toadying careerists who care only about ingratiating themselves with the rich. None of them are ordinary people who went into politics to make a difference or improve things for the French people.

If you think I’m exaggerating, ask yourself this question: How many times have you come to this website and seen links to articles about the PS reaching out to workers or fighting for their interests? Not so many times and less every year. Yesterday’s headline on this site was “Hollande gestures to the center”. Never to the left. Nor to the working class. But Sarkozy and Le Pen are reaching out to the working class by speaking about the concerns of the class for their future, addressing what the working class sees as the way France is changing and pushing them aside, proposing programs to allay their fears for the future.

Now, I do not subscribe to their politics and I believe that neither Sarkozy nor Le Pen gives a tinker’s damn about the workers and each has a hidden agenda and is truly against what is in the worker’s best interest but at least they are reaching out. The PS needs some new blood. Some leaders who didn’t go to the same school and who haven’t been on track for a life in government and politics since they were teenagers.

Cincinna said...

  The PS has for a long time been the party of elitists, if not in actual status,  then in mentality. Elitism is a state of mind, not a social class.  They don't call them la Gauche Caviar for nothing. 
  The class warfare card will not work, it rarely does. The whole concept of "working class" is a late 19th & 20th century Marxist model. Since WWII, everyone strives to be middle class, and most self define as such. 

    France is a center-right country, and that's where elections are won or lost, in the center. 

  A similar phenomenon is happening right now in America with the 2012 elections. 

 The left wing elites trying to pit the people who don't work and pay taxes, a number growing at an alarming rate, against those who do work. 

 Obama's spokesman stated in the NYT that he wasn't even going to campaign for the white working vote. He told the "Occupy" idiots: "you are the reason I ran for POTUS; you are my people."
  This implies he's writing  off states like PA, FL, and almost the entire Midwest except for MN.   

  In America, a center-right country as well, that is one helluva election strategy. 

  I predicted the GOP candidate the day after Sarah dropped out. It's sitting in a sealed envelope in our safe.  My husband's predictions were identical to mine. 

  Not ready to predict anything but the Primary winner yet. 

  As for Obama, with poll numbers lower than Jimmy Carter who lost in a massive landslide, with unemployment at 9+%, still too soon to predict. 
  Top Democrat pollsters Pat Cadell & Doug Shoen have written articles begging Obama to step aside for the good of the party & the country. But the power of an incumbent POTUS should never be underestimated, even if only for the 100% name recognition factor.

  It doesn't look good for Sarko five months out. But still, you can't beat something with nothing. 

  Sarkozy is the smarter, more knowledgeable, skilled politician than Hollande, the inexperienced technocrat. He also has incredible retail politicking skills, while Hollande does not, and doesn't seem to enjoy or be energized by contact with regular folks. 

  As I see it, MLP is drawing more from Hollande's left than Sarko's right. Not at all surprising. 


FrédéricLN said...

People able to write words like "la capacité à renouer avec les couches populaires" cannot have had any personal contact since years with anyone living in the real world. If so "popular" are the councelors Mr Hollande listens to, the case is really bad.