Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Hollande Machine

François Hollande has announced his new campaign organization, and it looks remarkably like his old campaign organization. Moscovici and Le Foll are at the top, and Manuel Valls has been added to take charge of communications. Overtures have been made to all the éléphants, losing candidates, and their entourages, but the core remains the group that saw Hollande through the primaries. This is a victory for the right wing of the PS: the elevation of Valls, the party's rightmost leading figure, to the position that in the party belongs to Benoît Hamon, one of its leftmost leading figures, underscores the point. Cambadélis, the Strauss-Kahnian who bolted to the Aubriac left, is nowhere in sight, whereas Moscovici, the Strauss-Kahnian who opted for Hollande, is at the top of the organization chart. Foreign policy has been entrusted to Bartolone. On s'engage, puis on voit.

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