Thursday, November 3, 2011

Israeli Ambassador Meets with Marine Le Pen at UN

Le Monde is reporting that:

Marine Le Pen a rencontré l'ambassadeur israélien à l'ONU

L'ambassadeur israélien à l'ONU, Ron Prosor, s'est joint au déjeuner de Marine Le Pen avec plusieurs diplomates, jeudi 3 novembre, à New York. C'est la première fois que la présidente du FN rencontre un officiel israélien. (Le Monde)


Details here.


Mitch Guthman said...

Why what? Why did she invite him him? Or why did he agree to go?

“travail, famille, patrie”. Where else might a Jew have seen those words?

sushi105 said...


Anonymous said...

MLP's thinking: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

Cincinna said...

Marine le Pen is trying to rehabilitate her anti-Semituc, anti-Israel past, neo-Nazi past & associations.
Marine le Pen is the protégé and daughter of Holocoast denier,  anti-Semite (as in Jew hater), and an outspoken hater of Israel, Jean-Marie le Pen. His daughter Marion aka Marine le Pen has refused to distance herself from those views. The National Front Party (FN) is anti-American, anti-free enterprise, anti-capitalist, etc
  MLP has  aligned herself with the anti-American, anti-capitalists and Statists, the closest thing to Fascism we’ve seen. She is far more dangerous than her father ever was, and a much smarter, shrewder politician.
The merger of far right nationalism and the leftist anti-capitalist, (anti-liberale),  economic agenda is called Fascism. A term the French are uncomfortable with and are afraid to use when describing MLP & her movement. 

MLP is not any kind of Conservative, Far Right, Right, or otherwise . American Conservatism is a political philosophy based upon the God-given rights of the individual as expressed in the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution, and free market Capitalist principles. 
 MLP is a Statist which is the total opposite of Conservative. MLP believes in the power of the State over individual rights & Liberty, government control & has no problem with the soft tyranny of authoritarian government.    In the past, the Communists & many others on the Far Left have voted FN. 
  The anti-European, anti-globalization message of MLP is shared by many on the Far Left. They might see that as a greater evil than creeping fascism, which they have never had a problem with in the past. 

 MLP has nothing in common with Ron Paul, who has many conservative values, but is really a Libertarian.   
  Ron Paul's issues are mainly economic, fiscal, and the preservation of individual rights against the increasingly invasive,  encroaching tyranny of the Federal government. 

  MLP, Socialists, Communists, Greens & every shade of red, are Statists who believe in the power of the State over the individual rights set forth in our Founding Documents, The US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. 
  Tocqueville himself warned against this possibility of what he called "soft tyranny". Americans listened up. Apparently even the French ignored him warnings. 

Mitch Guthman said...


Yes, it's true that MLP has been on a long campaign to change her image and that of the FN ahead of the election. What is puzzling is why the Israelis would be willing to help her.

I am also curious about how French and American Jews will react to the Israeli government legitimizing MLP and helping insulate her politically from the charge of being an anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

The Front National has never been against Israel, far from that, they always admit the right of Israel to has an existence. Being Statist is an extremely common view in France, it is a very old tradition which was strongly help by Charles de Gaulle, of which she does not have very different views.

Like so many French voters, she is not especially anti-American, but a bit defiant of interference of super-powers wrt to French politics. One has to remeber that France is a much smaller country that USA and in this respect (Six times less populated), has to care about its independance.

Many National Front members are Jewish. For example, Marine Le Pen's lover, Louis Aliot, her lover, has a Jewish grand-father:

Cincinna said...

    I can't speak for American Jews. Most of my Jewish friends,  like most other Americans, have little interest in the details of French politics. 
    I don't see how by agreeing meet with MLP, the Israeli Government is legitimizing her. It is a fact, sad, scary, but true, that she is a candidate for President of France. "Know thine enemy?"
  Ron Paul, a candidate with his own anti-Israel, anti-Semite problems, cancelled his meeting with MLP. As smart as Dr Paul is, and as experienced a politician, he, too, was most likely unaware of French politics and the role of MLP and the FN. Ron Paul is pretty much an isolationist, and foreign policy is not his forté, to say the least.  


Cincinna said...

 Aha! The "some of my best friends are Jewish" excuse! 
  Having a "lover" who had a grandfather who is Jewish is meaningless, just pandering.
   MLP does not support the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State   
  MLP has refused to distance herself from her Holocaust 
denying father, in fact she is his protégée & political heir. The FN has links with extremist neo-Nazi & skinhead groups throughout Europe. 
  Many former far leftists and Communists are now supporting MLP. Why? They are all totalitarian Statists, who are willing to surrender Liberty to the State for what Tocqueville warned America against: a soft tyranny. 

  The Statist is the complete opposite of the Conservative. The Statist believes in the power of the State over individual rights & Liberty, government control & has no problem with the soft tyranny of authoritarian government. 
  MLP does not support the right of the people to protect themselves, RKBA, or any of the other principles of our Republic, supported by all conservatives. 
  MLP is anti-American in that she is anti-capitalist. 
  If size and population were the standard by which to judge the greatness of a people, we would not be talking about America, but of China and India.