Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Joly Mess

Eva Joly is proving to be a lamentable choice to represent the Greens. First she said that there could be no accord between EELV and the Socialists unless the Socialists renounced the Flamanville EPR. The PS refused, and EELV signed an accord anyway, agreeing to disagree about Flamanville. But now Joly says that the accord (with the disagreement over MOX now swept under the rug) "does not engage" her. It is strictly a "parliamentary accord," not relevant to the party's candidate in the presidential election.

Add this to Joly's previous gaffes concerning Armistice Day and honoring the military, and you get a picture of a candidate who conceives of politics as striking a series of moral postures rather than moving toward specific policy goals. Moralizing has its place in public life, but it doesn't belong in the middle of a presidential campaign. Joly has demonstrated remarkable ineptitude, and the greatest service she could do to her party would be to withdraw from the race before she further embarrasses herself by draining votes that Hollande may need in the first round and would surely get anyway in the second. There are other ways to defend her principles that don't require public incoherence and the demonstration of party disunity.

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Kirk said...

In my opinion, this underscores the uselessness of these small parties in presidential elections. Let them put up candidates where they have a chance of winning, rather than people totally out of their league in the biggest election. It's a roster of bufoons, often, between the Le Pens, the mailman, Eva Joly, and all the others. It makes mockery of such an election.

I know, the French will say, "But they have their right to express their opinions," and, "Even though people vote for them in the first round, that doesn't change anything in the long run." But we saw that it does change things.

These parties pretend that they have the stature and even the skills to put up candidates for the presidency, yet none of them do.