Monday, November 7, 2011

L'histoire chévénementielle

Jean-Pierre Chevènement is running for president. This is not necessarily good news for the Socialists, although they are not unduly worried, since JPC is likely to take more votes from Jean-Luc Mélenchon than from François Hollande. Chevènement is and always has been a Euroskeptic, and he believes that recent events have vindicated his doubts. Back in the day, however, his position was more "socialism in one country" than "deglobalization," a term that would have made no sense in 1983, when those in the Mitterrand administration who opposed social market reforms were marginalized as "Albanians."

Chevènement is an honorable man, whose opposition to the party line throughout his career has always been principled. I've generally disagreed him but think that his influence has been useful. I hope he abandons this candidacy while continuing to defend his position. Standing for principle is always good, but one principle of a presidential system is that party discipline is essential.

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