Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A lot of moxie

So, all is not well in the PS-Green accord. It seems that the Greens wanted an end to MOX processing (MOX is a type of recycled nuclear fuel, a mixture of uranium and plutonium oxides) and thought the PS had agreed to this, but the clause disappeared somewhere between the draft and final agreements. Le Monde insinuates, and Mediapart flatly asserts, that the clause was dropped at the behest of Henry Proglio, head of Areva, a Sarkozy appointee who replaced the Socialist Anne Lauvergeon. (Proglio is not only a Sarko appointee but also a loyalist and the former companion of Rachida Dati). Areva specializes in the production of MOX, and French nuclear installations depend on it.

The Greens will no doubt take this badly, especially since they have already had to eat Eva Joly's promise that there would never be an electoral accord with the PS without a capitulation on the EPR at Flamanville and a promise to wean France off nuclear power. Will the agreement break down? It's not out of the question, given the fissiparous tendencies of EELV and a sense among the rank-and-file of having been sold out.

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