Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Only in France

Where but in France would you find an article with a paragraph linking a sentence from Michel Foucault to a sex toy offered as a gift by a health insurance company?

Dans la pile de courrier déposée ce matin-là sur notre bureau, un canard rose sourit complaisamment. Un vibromasseur, adressé par une mutuelle de santé afin de vanter ces contrats qui "peuvent vous faire du bien". La pile est fournie. On comprend un instant ceux qui disent être incommodés par cette sexualité marchande et invasive. Et réclament le droit, comme l'écrivit le philosophe Michel Foucault, de rejeter l'"austère monarchie du sexe".
And the article is about an alleged revolt against the "tyranny of sexuality." Not sure what this implies about French politics, but surely it means something. The movement awaits its Rousseau: "Abstainers of the World, Unite! If your birth was the first of your misfortunes, why add to the world's misery by submitting to the procreative imperative?" (h/t Polly-Vous Français)


Alex Price said...

You seem to mock the notion of the "tyranny of sexuality," but what the article in question postulates is a set of expectations that may be as oppressive as the sexually repressive codes they replaced; that doesn’t seem far-fetched to me.

Anonymous said...

this happens alot on French-language social media too where concepts and intellectual references overlap in an orgy of rhizomes and shit like that. I recently saw a blog post on the tyranny of conformity "imposed" by twitter and the tweetering community. I was like WTF? don't go a-tweetering if you don't want to be a-dominated. this all goes back to the French fear of "ne pas se faire avoir", said with longer words.