Thursday, November 10, 2011

The UMP Solves the Problem of Education


Vous connaissez Christine Maso ? Non ? Moi non plus, jusqu'à ce que j'assiste mardi à Bobino à la Convention UMP sur l'éducation. Et que Christine Maso, une prof de maternelle assise à la tribune, propose une loi pour interdire le tutoiement des petits, rendant donc obligatoire le vouvoiement, histoire d'imposer le respect...
As in, vous êtes un pauvre con, cher maître ...


Anonymous said...

I can relate to that. We went to spend two years in Connecticut, where my daughter aged 13 felt extremely ill at ease using the same word, "you", when talking to other pupils, where "tu" would be used in France, while teachers were addressed as "vous".


Cincinna said...

I don't think it solves all the education problems in France, but I do believe it is a step in the right direction.
Mélanie's statement reflects children's confusion brought on by over familiarity, where respect for adults, and teachers in particular is not encouraged.
Although the tu and vous distinction does not appear in the English language, children who are well brought up are taught not to be overly familiar with adults in positions of authority. Our children have been raised to always refer to adults who are not very close friends or family as Mr or Mrs, unless the person specifically requests that they use their first name by saying "please call me Jane".
In France the same. I cringe when someone whom I do not know says "tu" or calls me by my first name instead if "Madame" I have to say ut us pretty rare.
Our children have been taught to always use "vous" speaking to non family adults, under the regular rules.
Politesse is one if the niceties of life that makes life so much more pleasant and enjoyable.
I believe you are not doing children a favor by not teaching them good manners at home. The school should be an extension of that. You are teaching them self respect, respect for others, and giving them the tools to manage in society as they go through life.

Arthur Goldhammer said...

Cincinna, When you referred to me as a "left-wing wackadoodle," you seemed to value breeding less and plain-spoken Yankee political invective more. Next time I give you permission to tutoyer. I'd find it less insulting than having to sit through your lectures on politesse.