Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Danton to DSK

Who? Depardieu, of course. And Isabelle Adjani as Anne Sinclair. Oh, the humanity! (h/t RF)


Robert said...

And Christian Clavier as Sarkozy? I keep saying, this whole story has become downright comical. Slapstick all over the place.

Cincinna said...

Perhaps playing politics in the movies has given Depardieu the impulse to speak out on politics in real life.
Depardieu announced he will vote for Sarko in 2012.

Dans une interview accordée au Journal du Dimanche, Gérard Depardieu a confié qu’il voterait pour Nicolas Sarkozy aux prochaines élections.

Tom Holzman said...

If I recall correctly, Depardieu had a certain reputation concerning women. Perhaps he is being typecast?