Monday, December 12, 2011

The Delphic Oracle on the French Economy

François Baroin:

« Cette crise n’étant pas classique, le ralentissement et la défiance est plus important, nous accélère dans un ralentissement économique. La sortie, si nous arrivons à prendre de bonnes mesures, nous permettra de sortir plus vite. »
And people complain about the president's grammar.


Boris said...

I've just discovered your remarkable blog. Very well documented.

As for Baroin's comment, this explains why the FT has rated him one of the worst Finance Ministers of the G20.

Doesn't have a clue about the economy. Does not speak English. And, apparently, can't articulate much of an idea in French either.

Le Maire, who understands the economy, speaks perfect English and German would have been so much better in this job.

It was crass of Sarkozy to nominate Baroin instead of him. One more mistake in a long list.

René said...

Since I've heard about "croissance négative", nothing can surprise me in this area.