Thursday, December 15, 2011

High Tech Heist at the Élysée

In computer geek parlance, a "honey trap" is a machine deliberately set up to ferret out nefarious behavior on the Internet. It seems that someone set up such a honey trap to look into illegal downloading of films and other copyrighted material via the software BitTorrent. And what do you know? Guess who got caught in the trap: The Élysée, home of the HADOPI law, were someone apparently illegally downloaded a copy of "Tower Heist." (h/t Frédéric Martel)

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Passerby said...

On the "Nouvel Obs" high-tech section, which also reported this information, they added that there were question on data integrity. Most of the IP logged are correct, but it seems some IP have maliciously been added to the list.
There is also the possibility that the Elysée addresses have been "borrowed" by pirates.

In reality this is minor news, but it's a quite ironic one. Even if it turns out that fake IP have been used, it's a good demonstration of the unreliability of the IP logging method used under the HADOPI law.