Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've Had Enough of DSK

Latest DSK: he says, in response to the Epstein and Taubmann pieces,
that he is "not bound by the writings, statements, or testimony given
by anyone, much of which is inaccurate." Furthermore, Taubmann says
that he and Epstein consulted frequently, that HE was the source of
the story that it was a friend of DSK's inside the UMP who revealed
that DSK's cell phone messages were being read at UMP HQ, and,
furthermore, that THIS STORY IS FALSE. He misinformed Epstein based on
his own surmise but later learned, he says, that the information about
phone surveillance actually came from J.-C. Lagarde, a policeman in
Lille--the VERY SAME POLICEMAN who has been indicted in the
prostitution case and who therefore has every interest in muddying the

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of DSK for a lifetime.

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Cincinna said...

I agree, more than enough. Please go away and allow people to concentrate on the serious conditions that confront us. .

The only point I would make is that reflection on how a man like DSK was able to hide so long, and rise so high, is something worth extensive analysis.

All candidates for high office should be thoroughly vetted by their own party, and by the opposition, and eventually, by the public.

That is one of things I think is good about the American political process. Total exposure, total vetting, well, most of the time. Endless debates and individual State primaries winnow out the weaker candidates.