Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nouvel Obs Buys Out Rue89

The Nouvel Obs group has taken over Rue89. Although continued editorial independence is assured, such promises have a way of dissolving. Pardon my skepticism about this maneuver.


Anonymous said...

Rue89 started off with a bunch of Libé journalists who, as the site's moniker indicates, sought to "revolutionize" French journalism. These sans-culottes lacked a bit of "culot". Well just another failed French Revolution!

Mitch Guthman said...


Let’s wait and see before declaring Rue 89 a failed revolution. It isn’t like the Rue is being bought out by Rupert Murdoch. If there are no detrimental editorial changes and they retain their vitality and edginess, then this development will have been all for the good. Don’t forget, writers need money, too.

Anonymous said...

I liked Rue89 at the beginning, then began to have doubts about them, and stopped looking at their site some four years back. Sad but not surprising that they have been taken over by the Nouvel Obs, which is but a shadow of what it once was.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Scheiderman, who collaborated with Rue89, is pondering whether he still should, and points out one first difference between the old Rue89 and the new one: they didn't dare call the buyout frankly for what is was.