Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sigmar Gabriel on Europe

While François Hollande has thus far responded rather disappointingly to last Friday's Brussels pact, the German opposition leader, Sigmar Gabriel of the SPD, has published a long article in the FAZ attacking the deal and calling for a broad rethinking of the basis of the European Union. Instead of a "fiscal union," which he (rightly) believes is necessary, he argues, in a nice phrase, that Sarkozy and Merkel have given us a "sanctions union."

Diese dringend notwendige Fiskalunion hat Angela Merkel am letzten Wochenende zu einer reinen Sanktionsunion degradiert.
Hollande was in Berlin last week for the SPD party meeting, but he doesn't seem to have returned with anything like Gabriel's analysis, since he's still promoting austerity with a human face rather than "fiscal union." A huge mistake.

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Louis said...

Looks like a profound misunderstanding between the French and the German "socialists". It sounds a bit like 1957-1958, when the French SFIO discovered that the German SDP advocated the EEC project. The PS in France carries around a vision of the national state as the only guarantee of social transformation and democracy, which puts it naturally at odds with any strengthening of the European level.