Sunday, December 11, 2011

Villepin Announces

Dominique de Villepin is running for president. It's now a free-for-all in the center, with Hollande, Bayrou, Morin, Villepin, and Sarkozy all vying for potential swing voters. A tough job for pollsters to sort this out.


Mitch Guthman said...

I find the phrase “défendre une certaine idée de la France” absolutely fascinating. It is at once totally empty yet somehow it seems to have a very rich and powerful meaning. I can’t wait for the interview to hit Youtube because I’m sure that the interviewer must have pressed him to explain exactly what conception of France he is proposing to defend.

The first round is going to be interesting. Villepin is supposed to be very inexperienced and aloof as a campaigner but this is a powerful concept and he's better placed than anybody else to play this card. And I don’t think it just the center that’s in play if Villepin goes after Sarkozy for reducing France to the status of stooge to Germany and makes Keynesian arguments against austerity, he would be well positioned to attack from both the right and the left (which is what “défendre une certaine idée de la France” evokes in my mind---but probably I’m just projecting my own wishes into Villepin’s words. Obviously I need to hear the interview).

In any event, if Villepin is doing what I think he’s doing, it’s exactly what I think Hollande should be doing and he will have a very broad appeal---well beyond the center.

Cincinna said...

"j'ai une certain idée de la France" Une Gaullisme pure and simple- right from the mouth of de Gaulle himself.

It is not the center that Villepin is courting with these phrases, it is the Sarkozyst/ Chirac Gaullists & the le Pen far right.

Villepin, IMO is irrelevant. The one to watch is Alain Juppé, who may be a little crooked, but is the smartest of the lot, by a long shot, and the most popular.

Boris said...

Villepin is totally irrelevant, and will be lucky to reach 3%.

I think he knows he doesn't have a chance to make a good score, but he still decided to run, if anything just to be a thorn in the side of Sarkozy and weaken his score in the first round.

It's pure political vendetta, that's been going on since the Clearstream case.