Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Human Development Index

The UN maintains a "human development index" that combines indicators such as health, education, literacy, housing, absence of hunger, etc. France does pretty well: it stands near the top, and its improvement more or less parallels that of the US (two broad blue lines in the graph). The broad green line is China. Most of the red lines are in Africa. For much more, see this site.

They Were For It Before They Were Against It

The "déverrouillage" of the 35-hr law proposed by Manuel Valls has stirred up a ruckus among Socialists. But many of them were in favor of modifying the law in various ways before they discovered unanimity in being against it (or, rather, against Valls). It's good to see that the various PS delegations sent to the US to study the ways of the Democratic Party have borne fruit: they have learned how to emulate John Kerry.

French Film Festival Online

A good idea, perhaps.