Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You MAM

So, it turns out that it wasn't just by chance that Michèle Alliot-Marie ran into her "friend" Aziz Miled on the tarmac in Tunis, where his private jet just happened to be waiting with its engines running for the French foreign minister and the other "members of [her] party," who were in fact her parents, already stockholders in one of Miled's businesses and about to acquire a majority interest. In a normal country, the latest revelations would finish her, and even in France they might: Le Monde has had it with her prevarications, and, more important, there has been an ominous silence from the Élysée. MAM's latest defense--that the revelations of Le Canard amount to an "attack on the private life" of her family is pathetic. Of course, even if MAM falls, she can look forward to a bright future in Tunisian real estate. And she can resign with the usual alibi of the politician caught red-handed: "I'm leaving office in order to spend more time with my family."