Friday, March 11, 2011

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Grand Papa - La Parisienne Libérée by asi

The Solution of Despair

The polls showing Marine Le Pen's inexorable rise have been heavily criticized. Virginie Martin argues that the criticism misses the point.

Mais comment cette classe politique et médiatique peut-elle être à ce point enfermée dans sa tour d'ivoire pour ne pas sentir ce vent venir ? Comment depuis 1995, puis 1997 puis 2002 ne pas vouloir comprendre que cette population tentée par le vote frontiste existe et qu'elle tente – vainement – d'adresser des messages et dire ses malaises ?

I think this is absolutely right. What's more, watching France2 last night, I was no longer so confident that if Marine Le Pen does survive the first round by passing Sarkozy, she will surely lose to the candidate of the Left. Rank-and-file members of the UMP were interviewed at a meeting. Would they vote FN if the other candidate were of the Left? To a woman (all the interviewees were women), they said yes. A vote for Marine Le Pen was thinkable; a vote for a "leftist" was not.

So republican solidarity seems to work only one way, and the taboo on voting FN if you're on the right seems to be fraying rapidly. Admittedly, this is anecdotal evidence at its worst. But it was bracing to listen to these women, who still seemed to fear the Left as if the Red Army were at the gates yet felt not the slightest frisson at the thought of voting for the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen. It made the blood run cold. I still doubt that there are enough such people to make an FN presidency possible, but my confidence is no longer absolute.