Monday, April 25, 2011

Before June 28 for DSK

Pierre Moscovici says that DSK will decided by June 28 whether or not his is running for president. Latest polling here.

Moscovici: DSK n'a pas une "popularité de papier" by FranceInfo

Hulot: Fukushima Changed My Mind

Nicolas Hulot, now a candidate for the presidential nomination of EELV, used to favor nuclear power as part of the solution to the energy problem (and accepted EDF sponsorship of his TV program "Ushuaia"). Fukushima has changed his mind: "Getting rid of nuclear power is a priority. This represents a new state of mind." A recent poll, however, showed that 62% of the French continued to favor nuclear power, primarily because they feared increased electricity costs if nuclear generation were eliminated (83% of French electricity comes from nuclear sources).