Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tiens! Élysée Gives the Hook to Zemmour?

The Élysée wants the race-baiting provocateur Éric Zemmour off the air, "according to our sources," says Le Monde. Unfortunately, the paper does not say what those sources are, France TV denies the rumor, and Zemmour himself is playing dumb. Meanwhile, Sarko-appointee Rémy Pflimlin has sacked Franz-Olivier Giesbert, who has just published a rather critical book about Sarkozy, consisting of FOG's patented mix of anecdotes vachardes et analyses légères. Nothing personal, says France TV, just a matter of ratings and demographics. Well, OK, all right then.

And if Sarkozy was so incensed by Zemmour, was he also incensed by Copé's invitation to Zemmour to address the UMP? By Guéant's echoing of certain of Zemmour's remarks? The good cop and the bad cop don't seem to be working over the same suspect.