Friday, May 13, 2011

DSK Sues

With revelations about high living threatening to damage his still undeclared candidacy, DSK has sued 2 journalists at France soir for alleging that he wears $35,000 suits made by a certain Washington, D.C., tailor whom he claims never to have patronized. And Ramzi Khiroun, the PR flack who lent him the Porsche, is asking who learned that the car was actually owned by his employer, Lagardère. With the implication being that this information could only have come from a government source, aka the Élysée Dirty Tricks Dept. I guess the campaign is underway.

Cloaks and Daggers

A French citizen has been killed in Libya--in Benghazi, by the rebels, not by Qaddafi. He worked for a "private security firm," Secopex. Four other French citizens were arrested. There's got to be more of a story here.

Blogger is Back

After a long outage, Blogger is back. I would have blogged a number of items this morning, but I have work to do this afternoon. I'll blog if I can find a spare moment (and remember what it was that seemed urgent earlier). Yesterday's posts seem to have disappeared. I hope they are eventually restored, but, if not, sic transit gloria mundi. I'm not about to try to reproduce them.

Somewhat depressingly, traffic without posts was about the same as normal. Perhaps you eager readers were simply clicking repeatedly to see if finally something new had appeared.