Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simon Johnson Says Lagarde Is Wrong for IMF


Dueling Press Releases

Lawyers for both the defense and the prosecution fired shots at one another. Match nul. All in the game.

Brigitte Barèges Goes All Rick Santorum on Gays

You know you're in trouble when Christian Vanneste says you've stepped over the line in gay-bashing:

«Effectivement, c'est au-delà des limites.» Christian Vanneste, l'un des porte-drapeaux de la liberté d'expression et membre du très droitier collectif de la Droite populaire le reconnaît lui-même, sa collègue Brigitte Barèges a eu «une comparaison un peu excessive»

But Brigitte Barèges has definitely earned her stripes:

Mercredi, lors de l'examen en commission des lois de l'Assemblée nationale d'une proposition de loi socialiste pour «ouvrir le mariage aux couples de même sexe», la députée et maire UMP de Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne) a lâché: «Et pourquoi pas des unions avec des animaux? Ou la polygamie?»
And so the line between the "populist right" still nominally within the UMP and the Front National becomes a little blurrier.


Has the DSK affair "revived" French feminism?

More Sexual Politics: The Tron Case

More details have emerged about the charges against Georges Tron. One of the accusers registered her complaint with an association that deals with violence against women in the workplace last November, but she did not file charges until after the DSK affair. As I've said before, it would be interesting if the DSK case served as the catalyst for a change of sexual mores in France, making women aware that they have options if oppressed by their superiors and alerting men to the increased risk of aggressive behavior.

Another sign of change: on France2 last night, Christine Lagarde, listing her qualifications for the IMF job, mentioned her experience as "lawyer, CEO, minister, and ... woman." With a slight emphasis on the latter. I don't think she would have said that pre-DSK. She would have preferred to emphasize that she is "one of the boys," an international player of the highest order.

The Left Blogosphere Calls for Unity


The Post Doesn't Like DSK

How's this for a description:

Wearing a dark suit and open shirt collar, Strauss-Kahn flashed a wry smirk at onlookers. He was not handcuffed.

Minutes later, he arrived at the posh Franklin Street townhouse, where police had cleared the entrance. That didn't stop a female passerby from shouting, "Pig" at the Pepe Le Pew-like groper. He sneered at her before entering his new home away from home.


Just exactly why is Nicolas Sarkozy so widely disliked? John Vinocur explores possible explanations. Your thoughts?