Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Endorsement

Jacques Chirac, looking distinctly usé (to borrow an adjective from Lionel Jospin), said yesterday that he would vote for François Hollande for president, but only because Alain Juppé wasn't running. One might see this as one more fit of Chiraquian pique against Nicolas Sarkozy, whom Chirac mauls a bit in his recent book, or as a continuation of the Rocard-Juppé dialogue, in which the two whiz kids who never became president agree on nearly everything and can't find "a sheet of paper's difference" between them. So this, apparently, is what political conflict comes down to in the country that invented "left" and "right" as terms of political difference. La pensée unique with a vengeance: everybody agrees about everything, including the unsuitability of Sarkozy to sit in their rightful place. Bizarre. No wonder there's a populist backlash. Oh, but wait, April Fool, it was just de l'humor corrézien.